Flash 2 Open - How it works ?

The flash 2 Open kit comes with 1 x transmitter and 1 x receiver. The transmitter is connected to your cars battery and headlight ( 3 wires ) and the receiver is connected to the device you want to control, gate, garage door etc ( 4 wires ).

One headlight transmitter can control up to four seperate receivers and works by giving each receiver a different flash. So for example: You can drive up to your gates and flash your lights once and the gates will open, proceed up the driveway and flash your lights twice to open the garage door, three flashes to turn off the alarm system and four flashes could be used to turn on the lights in the house.


Its so convenient and unobtrusive, Ideal for motor bikes, no more remote controls to find in the center console and batteries when they go flat. Up to 200 meter range possible if installed behind plastic such as a grill or bumper. Flash 2 Open is control at your finger tips whenever you need it !

Download instructions here

Supply only kit prices.

1 x kit includes : 1 x transmitter and 1 x receiver £ 175.00

1 x Additional transmitter £ 59.00

Electric Gates

Electric Gates


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